Frequently Asked Questions

I think my child would love KidsACT, but he/she is not so sure. Can we try it out before committing?

With KidsACT classes that are on-going for a number of weeks, kids can definitely come to the first class to check it out, free of charge. It’s still helpful if you fill out a registration form and submit it before the first class. After your child attends and you make a decision, tuition can be submitted and you’ll receive the class materials. However, after the play for the session has been cast, usually by the 2nd or 3rd class, it is tough to have students drop out, as it affects all the other students taking the class. Once a student has committed, they are expected to continue through to the end of the session and the final performance.

Camps are harder to be flexible with, since we only have one week to put on our production. If you’re not sure if you child will want to spend an entire week doing theater, it’s better to have him or her try a class first. Camp tuition is non-refundable if the camp is full and other students have been turned away.

Putting on a one act musical in one week? That sounds intense! What is the typical camp schedule?

KidsACT camps are meant to be a theater intensive, so our days are chock full of activity. The day starts with an acting game to get the kids loosened up. Next, we work through a section of the play chosen for that session (informal “auditions” are held on the first day for casting purposes). We’ll sing a few songs, learn a few dances, and then take a quick break. Set decoration, poster making, and prop creation come before lunch, generally at 11:30 for the students in grades 1-3, and 12:00 for the students in grades 4-6. After lunch we’ll work through the play further and finish up art projects before playing a game at the end of the day. On the last couple of days of camps we add costumes and lights into the mix for a real theatrical production!

Is the schedule for the classes similar?

Since with the after school/Saturday classes we have a lot more time on the calendar, but less each day than a camp, your child can expect to work through the play chosen for the session for part of the class time, but also spend time playing theater games to strengthen what they are learning. Art projects are reserved for particular Saturdays as we get closer to the final production.

Do all classes and camps have a final show?

Yes! Every KidsACT class or camp results in a theatrical play open to the public and free of charge.

Great! How do I sign up my child?

Go to the KidsACT Registration page on this website for programs at the Valley Players Theater. Dates, times and costs are listed there. For Green Mountain Performing Arts programs, go to

Is there any special clothing my child should wear when attending KidsACT?

In general, clothes that are easy to move in are best. Tight fitting clothes, street shoes, or boots may be uncomfortable. Sneakers or soft ballet shoes are encouraged. Flip flops and sandals are strongly discouraged.

Am I responsible for a costume for my child for the KidsACT performance?

Not necessarily. There is access to a lot of costumes, generously loaned by the Valley Players and other organizations. Sometimes parents of children in the session will volunteer to make costumes, in which case costs for materials are reimbursed. It is not my intention that parents go out and buy a costume for their child.

What other materials will my child need to participate in a KidsACT camp or class?

One script and a CD of music will be provided as part of the tuition to each child. If your child loses their materials and need a replacement, scripts and CDs can be purchased for $5 each.

Will the performance be filmed and can I get a copy?

In general, plays have strict copyright laws that prohibit filming and copying of performances. Some types of performances can be filmed by the local cable access channel, Mad River Valley Television, and copies purchased from them. Check with the Director at the start of your child’s KidsACT session.